It’s October!  

(translation: it’s the start of Pumpkin Time!)

I have always loved pumpkin pie and I make more pies than we will ever need each year at Thanksgiving so I can:

1. Eat pie every morning for breakfast until it’s gone.

2. Share with friends.

3. Share with Annette.  Ha, this is not to say Annette is not a friend it’s just that I always made an extra pie for Annette in Ireland because she fell in love with them in college and it became a special treat.  This goes beyond the “would you like some pie?”  🙂

The reason October is the start of Pumpkin season in this house is, of course, this is the season fresh pumpkins are available.  All the years I was in Ireland I had to make my own pumpkin puree from fresh because there were no canned pumpkins.  Um, pumpkin pie is not an Irish delicacy.    Did I complain, not at all.  I pulled out my Joy of Cooking and found out how to make it myself.

And no, we *don’t* celebrate Thanksgiving in Ireland.  Well, our family did and we invited American and Irish friends, but the country as a whole, nope.

Recipes are on the side for how to make your own Fresh Pumpkin Puree and Pumpkin bread.  I’d include the recipe for pumpkin pie but I have always taken it straight off the back of the Libby’s pumpkin can and I have a VERY old label that I keep in my recipe box.

Which reminds me…people often ask if I can tell the difference between the fresh and the canned in pies.  I think I can.  I haven’t done a taste test though…hm.  That would be fun.  And I think both are great because they. are. pumpkin. pies.  I just think the fresh has a bit nicer flavour.  If I ever taste test, you will read it here 🙂

Happy Pumpkin Days!