I think there may be only  two kinds of people.

(Apparently, I don’t mind committing the crime of Over Generalization).

The first are those who care about the calendar they use, wanting it to reflect “who they are,” (please read that soulfully), and be able to look repeatedly at each image for an entire month and still appreciate it.  Then there are those who really couldn’t care less as long as the squares and dates are there and they can see it without squinting too badly.  I’m fairly picky about my calendars: the paper needs to have the right coating to write on it properly, the photos or graphics need to please me each time I look at it and then there is the all important where-do-I-put-this-thing-so-I-actually-remember-to-look-at-it decision.  Ugh.

One day a few years ago, I was cooking at the stove when I looked up at the white tile back splash and tah-dah!  The tiles looked just like a calendar!  And that is when my dry erase calendar was born.  It is the first calendar I have ever had that I actually look at and use every single day.  Everyone in the family can add their activities, write a grocery list on the side and I get to decorate it to suit the month.  The added bonus is that once a month, my tiles get cleaned 🙂

Calendars are also a Christmas tradition in our house.  Everyone gets one as a “surprise,”  like their “surprise” pajamas each Christmas Eve.   It’s a little thing but like all traditions, it would be missed if we didn’t do it.  Besides, then my family would have to go. pick. out. their. own. calendars.   The stress would be too much.

This makes me think of other Christmas traditions that I will blog about later with photos…advent candles, advent notes, gingerbread houses and Christmas crackers.

Hmm, this is making me think happy thoughts about Christmas…