EEK, made a big mistake on the timing!  For two eggs in a small fry pan it takes only 2 minutes for white that is just set and yolk that is runny.  Add more time according to how set/cooked through you’d like your eggs to be.

These eggs are more poached than fried but it’s how I prefer them.

I use my cast iron skillet when making more than 2 eggs at a time or when I cook the eggs in bacon fat.   (Yes, I said bacon fat).  The eggs are blackened a bit and more crispy and it’s how my husband likes them.

My preference is an 8″ uncoated metal fry pan with just a little oil on the bottom and a snug fitting lid.

  • Heat the pan on medium.
  • Carefully break two eggs in the pan and immediately pour a little water (about 3 TBL) from the tap into the upside-down lid.  Tip that water into the hot pan around the eggs and cover.
  • This is where you will have to cook eggs this way a few times before getting the timing right.  It’s about 2 minutes for a white that is set and a yolk that is runny.  More  time = more set.  The water steams and poaches the eggs.
  • When the eggs are as set as you like, gently lift them out of the pan, they shouldn’t stick because of the water.