Hi, my name is Gioia and I am a cilantrolic.  

It’s true.  I love cilantro.  When I buy it, I feel like putting my head in the bag and closing it, I love the scent so much.  Crazy.  Cilantro is one of those herbs that you either love or you think it smells like dirty socks.

This is very simple to make and the mingling of flavours is wonderful.  I don’t like raw onions, at all, and yet I love this combo of onion, cilantro and lime.


Beef – carne asada slices (not seasoned) is what I always use.  Slice into strips or little pieces

Chicken breasts cut into strips or little pieces

1 packet McCormick Grill Mates Mojito Lime marinade (you’ll need 2 TBL vinegar (I love Balsalmic) , 2 TBL water and 1/4 C olive oil for the marinade)

Finely chopped onion

Finely chopped cilantro leaves.  Fresh, not dried,

Limes, cut in wedges

Shredded cheese (optional)

Flour tortillas

How to:

Cut up the beef and/or chicken, as much as you will need.  I use one packet of marinade for up to 2 lbs meat.  Dump the ingredients for marinade in a large ziplock bag, squish them around so they mix, add the meat and let sit for 30 minutes, more or less.

Prepare the rest of the ingredients while the meat is marinading.

Mix the cilantro and onion in a bowl.  Cut up the limes.

Pan fry the meat in a HOT skillet with a bit of olive oil just until it’s barely cooked.

You can load the plates or serve it  family style at the table.




Onion with cilantro

A healthy squeeze of lime