How. I. Love. These.  In 1981, Oklahoma became Home #2 and that is where I learned to love B&G.  Thank you, Oklahoma.  

Every Southern cook has their favourite recipe for gravy and I am certain they are convinced theirs is best.  For myself, mine is a supremely easy gravy that anyone without a lick of Southern in them can make and feel the South within.


Any fluffy American biscuit that you like to make, from scratch or from can.  I plop out a can of Pillsbury Grands and call it good.  Have them baking while you cook up the gravy.

1 lb. tube  of Regular Jimmy Dean pork sausage

1/4 C flour

2-3 cups of milk (Any kind. If you want to fool yourself into thinking 1% will help you here, my friend, go for it).

mix n chop

A Note here:  I used to always use a whisk for these thick gravies and sauces.  I still think a whisk is a good choice, however, a few years ago I bought a Pampered Chef tool that I LOVE.  “Mix ‘n Chop” lets you break up meat in the pan while making sauces and gravies.  Fantastic.  (If you want to get one: Kelly here in Milwaukie, OR. The catalog is  The Mix ‘N Chop is item #2583).


How To

In a cast iron skillet (or whatever fry pan you have), cook sausage over medium-high heat.  I don’t need to tell you to remove the plastic, do I?  When it is no longer pink, (I actually like some of it to be crispy and sticking to the bottom), sprinkle the flour over the meat and stir it around so that all the meat is covered and the flour absorbs the grease.  Add the milk about a half cup at a time and stir continually.  Actually, I just pour it straight from the jug a bit at a time.  This is where it gets subjective.  After each addition of milk, keep stirring and cook a bit until it thickens to your liking.  I like my gravy to be a bit thin-ish so it doesn’t GLOP.  I like it to be the consistency of cake batter, thick but pourable and it will thicken as it cools.

Serve over warm biscuits and be Happy.