at the moment i’m taking a month off caffeine. am i happy about it? not so much. is it a big deal? nah. but, each day i have to think about what to put in my mug instead of letting my various cravings lead me.

this gave me a parallel thought…if my life were a ceramic mug, what would i put in it each day?

it’s a whole lot easier to just let the gratifications of my various cravings and desires find their way into my “mug” instead of thinking, planning and deciding what’s best for me or what really wouldn’t benefit me that day if i were to pour it in. most days it’s no big deal. sometimes it bores me. sometimes i don’t want to think, i just want to BE. of course, there’s plenty of things i don’t particularly want to do that are beneficial for me, like…getting in shape. that bores me too. (hmm, notice a pattern here?) but i’m operating on the basis of: where i want to be tomorrow determines where i walk today, not the other way around. so, i’m working on that too.

ah well. to some, a storm in a teacup. to me, something to explore more.
it does make me want a cup of tea…decaff, that is.

John P – I enjoy your polemic pontifications, whether in the break-room or on Myspace. Keep ‘em coming. My alliterative word choices in the sentence above aren’t the best but they were fun to write. I stand by that.