i have a leetle rant to make about the blog portion of this here myspace.

problem: i post a blog. a friend comments on the blog. i then comment on the friend’s comment and what?! the comment is posted just underneath the first comment!
rant: why is the comment-comment not sent to the person who made the original comment? they’ll never know i commented on their comment because why would they come back to the blog when they’ve ALREADY READ it. so i must send them a message to say i’ve commented on their comment. i might as well tell them myself because i’m already there. or leave it and just allow my comment-comment to be wasted bits of thought, blowing in the virtual wind.

maybe people enjoy looking back on a blog they just read and commented on in hopes that a comment-comment is there. hm. i. just. do. not. know.
please comment below.