i’ve always loved to laugh. i can’t tell a joke to save my life and though i love jokes, i rarely laugh at them – maybe a smile or a chuckle but hardly ever an out loud or belly laugh.
i Big Laugh and Big Giggle at odd, quirky things or people. (oops, sorry ann! you crack me up but you are not odd or quirky. much.)
james herriot makes me laugh out loud when he describes the horrible things that happened to him and his partner while helping animals during surgeries, procedures, rescues, etc. It reminds me of my ten year stint with goats.
bill bryson has that effect on me in portions of his books.
if i was given the choice between eating and laughing – i’d say, give me laughter.
i love the laugh.

Victoria: I had not thought of James Herriot for years and last month bought a set for a girlfriend. I love his writing as well. And you totally can tell a joke! You’re hysterically funny!! You always make me laugh. Love you!