you missed a great children’s event today that started with Clifford the Big Red Dog and ended with gioia singing for the children and their parents…yes, i said singing.

i must say that i was sad that the rest of the shelvers were called out today. yes, sad…right up until the moment that i realised the next page in the book would require singing to make it good. oh, yeh. and no, not a song that we would all know and love but one that a character in the book had written herself. and while they had the words and music for it at the end of the book, i. do. not. read. music. so, like the good little storytime-reader-person that i am, i made up a tune and went with it thinking it would only last a few lines. hahahahahaha! 6 or 7 pages later, i was still singing those few lines.

i was never so happy that Cailyn, Stef, John, Destiny, Apryl and Ann were gone. in fact, i’ve never been happy before when they were gone. i am thankful that Janie was my only witness.

ah. the excitement of it all.

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Apryl – When was this…was this last Saturday when you and John were having all that fun? I always miss out on everything. Maybe if I signed in more often I would know what was going on around me! I once sang to the little kiddees. I think it was about 5 years ago, which is why I’m pretty sure I’ve never been invited back!

Sarah – That’s funny. Do I get to go to story hour while I’m visiting you?

Stef – LOL! Sorry I missed it! Anyone get it on film?