These are some of the cakes that I’ve decorated since being back in the States.


Shower cake for Tracy & Mark’s baby 🙂


The colors are brighter than the photo below 🙂




It’s the Seger’s Big Adventure

Mr. Potato Head

Mr. Potato Head – my first standing sculpted cake

Mr. Potato Head in situ

Mr. Potato Head in situ

Ella's shower cake top

Baby Shower cake

Ella's cake side

basketball cake

A Daddy Shower cake (yes, they were expecting a boy)

Matthew cupcake cake

Giant Cupcake to match all the party products

Ashley spiral cake

16th Birthday – Ashley’s design, my execution

spiral cake with candles

…because it wasn’t swirly enough?

Quilt baby cake Kaiya

Another Daddy Shower cake (Laker’s fan)

Bridal shower cake pop display

Wedding Shower Cake Pops

Bridal shower cake pops

panda cake pops

Their colors were B&W

baby shower cake topper

Baby Shower topper for a cheesecake

cake topper

I’ve been making these Little Bears in multiple forms since 1985

Superman cake for DAve

Superman’s, um, I mean Dave’s, Birthday Cake

Aiden quilt cake

Baby Shower Quilt Cake

Alyssa baby bear cake

Baby Shower

Matthew shower cake animals

Baby Shower – must post a photo of the buttons on the corners

barbie cake

Barbie Cake