When friends visit, I’m usually working in the kitchen.  I have them pull up a stool, drink a cup of tea and watch me clean off the counters.

Why would I do this, you ask?  Because my counters are usually cluttered and needing a wipe-down and since I’m embarrassed about that, I can’t relax until they are somewhat clear and at least CLEAN.  Good thing my friends literally overlook that and love hanging out with me in the hub of my home.  Of course, it also helps that they know everything they eat off of is clean.

Many a lovely hour has been spent with friends at my Irish counter in Greystones, Co. Wicklow and at my American counter in Portland, OR.  It’s the place where events of the day, recipes, ideas, laughs and thoughts of the heart are exchanged and burdens are shared so the load feels lighter in the end.

This is my virtual kitchen counter and you’re welcome to hang out with me.  Come listen to the bits and pieces of my day or hear about something I’ve discovered or copy a recipe that I think everyone. must. have.  You’ll find yourself wading through my own personal ramblings but I’d love to hear how things work for you or what ideas you have come up with because then I can incorporate them into MY life repertoire.