I love figuring out ways to do things…

 I was washing a plastic container that we make Kool-Aid in, (I know, I know.  Don’t judge me).  The bottom was covered in a white chalky looking film that wouldn’t wash out with soap and water.
I was standing there trying to figure out what I could use that had a handle long enough that I could scrub the bottom when it came to me that I needed some kind of pebbles to swirl around the bottom to scrub it away.
[insert light bulb here]
RICE!  I poured in less than a handful of rice, a few drops of dish soap and a little hot water, swirled it around about a minute and ta-dah!  All clean!  The same could be done with vases and sports bottles.
I like to peel hard cooked eggs in two mad little ways.  Neither one works perfectly every time but enough that it’s easier than actually peeling every egg.
  1. Dump the boiling water and the eggs into a strainer in the sink.  While running cold water over the eggs, bounce them around in the strainer so that they are knocking against each other, cracking.  Swirl them around in the strainer with the water still running and watch them peel themselves!
  2. Lightly crack the warm, cooked eggs and remove just the two ends.  Hold one end up to your lips and blow the whole egg out the other end.  Seriously, it works.