poached eggs

I have a confession to make.  When I bake and cook with eggs, I often break those eggs with one hand.

“What kind of lame confession is that?” you ask.

Well, the real confession is that when I do, I feel very chef-y.  Very professional.  As if I were on the Food Network with my own show.  Or something.  It doesn’t matter if anyone sees me or not.  I see me.  At that moment, I see myself as an eggs-pert.  Even now, though I can imagine you thinking how silly I am, all I know is that it makes me happy.

Another Eggs-ample:  Last week, I was cracking eggs for stir fried rice and a little shell got  in the bowl.  This reminded me of one of my favorite tips I read somewhere years ago.  If you get eggshells in your bowl, use another piece of eggshell to fish it out.  It works every time!  It’s like a magnet 🙂 Now…I suppose I SHOULD point out that you SHOULD first wash the eggshell you are about to dip in your raw eggs, um, but I never have. In fact, I’m not certain if it will work then.

High Eggs-pectations:  I love, truly love, to make a perfectly cooked fried egg.  Strange but true, I had the goal of frying up perfect eggs since I was a teenager.  Getting the white cooked through yet not tough, leaving the yolk runny and just set at the edges, NOT breaking the yolk.   To hand up a perfect egg to one of my family or friends just. feels. good.  The steps to making a perfectly cooked, and pretty, sunny-side-up egg is on the right in my recipes.   Go ahead, be obsessive.  Be Egg-septional.