Well, I am learning more about this blog, day by day. 

Here are a few changes since the first postings:

1. You can now leave comments without your email address and without approval

2. You can LIKE a post or a recipe or one of my old MySpace blogs

3. You can see how many hits the blog has had.  Don’t get too excited about the number 🙂  If you know as little about blogs as I seem to, it would appear as though hundreds have come.  Every time someone visits and every time they view any of the posts or pages it’s a “hit.”  Thank you, Peeps, for all those lovely hits.

4.  I edited the Easy Enchilada recipe because when I looked it over it didn’t appear so easy!  I have streamlined it and hopefully simplified it a bit.

I am certain I’ll add more to this as I modify through the weeks.

Thank you and Goodnight!