Every so often I think about deleting my old Myspace account then I remember all my old blogs and the comments they generated.  It’s a little slice of my life in 2007-08.  Most of the responses are from coworkers and much of what is said is silly but it’s a record of little and big things that were going on at the time.Posts

Last year I copied and pasted all my blogs into Word.  I am so happy I did because yesterday I went onto MySpace to see if I had missed anything.  Signing in forced me to “accept” my new MySpace format and, whoa! no blogs, no comments, no photos, nothing.  Hm.  MySpace says that nothing has been deleted but it will be a while before we can access our blogs.  Good thing I don’t have to wait.

Yay, God.  Jesus saves and so did I.

My blogs from Sept 2007 through Mar 2008, they are on the right in the MySpace Blogs page.

You can read them if you like.  You know, if you are super bored or the TV isn’t working and your nook is at the office and your dog won’t play with you because you don’t have food in your hands…